The tariff update was reflected in bills that began to reach citizens in March, referring to January billing, with the Faro water and waste management company (Fagar), attributing the increase to the determinations of the Regulatory Entity of Water and Waste (ERSAR) and rising prices by service providers.

However, in a press conference, the leader of the PS/Faro, Adérito Silva, stated that there was “a lot of room for manoeuvre to find a solution other than this one”, arguing that in an opinion issued by ERSAR on the proposal to increase the tariff by Fagar, the entity itself recommends reducing operating costs.

"In the opinion, nothing says that the tariff should be changed, quite the contrary, it refers that careful management should be carried out, reducing costs and making efficiency gains", he said, stressing that, on average, increases are around 25 percent.

According to the opinion of ERSAR, dated December 13, 2022, and distributed by the PS to journalists, the entity states that the proposed tariff “leads to excessive coverage of expenses in the water sanitation service”.

Adérito Silva considered it “inadmissible” that in a situation of pandemic, war and inflation, “the interests of the population are not defended”, adding that an extraordinary Municipal Assembly was requested to discuss the subject.